Nerea Garcia, UX/UI Designer based in Barcelona

With 10 years of experience in Image Quality and Post-production. I've worked with advertising agencies, leading campaigns from start to finish and collaborated with teams of varying sizes.


My focus is on creating engaging, functional, and innovative user experiences. 

My UX/UI Works

Exploring User-Centric Digital Experiences:

As a designer focused on User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), my approach revolves around crafting attractive and functional digital experiences that captivate users

Wellness App

Emotional Intelligence App for fitness enthusiasts, addressing holistic health gaps in existing apps

E-Commerce Website

 They are a B2B based in Barcelona that sells adapted products for blind people and with reduced visibility.

Redesign an App

Exploring the Design World with Jakob Nielsen's Principles

Professional Experience

2015 - 2023

 The colorist in advertising and cinema is an expert in visual post-production. They adjust color, contrast, and tones to create visual styles, set moods, and enhance storytelling.

Using specialized software, they ensure visual coherence, collaborate with the creative team, and convey emotions through aesthetics.

Their role is crucial in enhancing the aesthetic quality and visual cohesion in both film and advertising productions.

2015 - 2023

The D.I.T. is a crucial professional during production, responsible for managing, overseeing, and ensuring the quality of the images captured on set.

Their role involves supervising the technical integrity of the image, setting up initial looks, creating data backups, and ensuring proper data transfer for post-production.

They work closely with the director of photography to maintain visual consistency and streamline the digital workflow throughout the production.

2015 - 2023

The Data Wrangler in advertising and cinema is a specialist in data management during production. Their role involves organizing, backing up, and ensuring the integrity of digital files, including video material and metadata. They work closely with the production team to manage the transfer, storage, and logging of filming data.

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Address: Barcelona

Phone: +34 620 703 624